PAULA BURENSTRAND is a freelance vocalist and composer born in Stockholm, Sweden.She was raised in a musical environment inspired by gospel music, soul and jazz at early age.
Her artistry is reflected by a strong expression of the lyrics and playfulness in her voice.
Her collaboration with the Peruvian composer and guitarist Roberto Noel, resulting in the album “PAULA NOEL” in wish she participated as lead vocalist, composer and co-producer.
Paula Burenstrand is also touring with “The Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia” as one of three singing sisters in “The Adam sisters”.



Peruvian-born ROBERTO NOEL is an openly creative guitarist & composer with an unique, richly eclectic, multi-directional personal voice.
His musical language is the direct result of years of both solid studies and professional experience in both the European-, Jazz-, World- and Computer/Electronic music art forms.
He graduated from European institutes in Afro-American music & has studied world music disciplines in different countries: Italy, Brazil, Cuba, Bolivia and Peru to name some.
Mr. Noel’s professional activities go from pop to world music in tours, live performances, recordings and lecturing.


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